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Tokenization involves converting a real or virtual asset into a digital token that can be easily transferred, owned, and stored using a DLT or Blockchain system. This process transforms the value stored in an object into a more productive format. We go even further by introducing our Prime token and making sure that not only are our client's assets are tokenized, but they also have a long-term growth opportunity through a secondary resource.


Meet RoRa Prime

The RoRa Prime token was designed specifically to give asset holders a secure, long-term growth vehicle through blockchain technology. As we continue to expand and move closer to launching the program, the Prime token will become even more valuable to all holders, including those who buy it on the open market. Not only will our tokens provide stability and appreciation over the years, but they will also distribute annual dividends to both asset holders and any other prime token holders.

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Asset Management
and Tokenizing the Asset

Blockchain technology has created opportunities for asset owners to monetize their assets, which would not have been possible otherwise. Tokenized assets are one of the ways in which blockchain is being used to improve asset liquidity and transfer of ownership. These blockchain-based tokens represent ownership over specific physical and digital assets, providing greater security and transparency. Companies can now leverage tokenized assets to improve their asset trading capabilities. With this innovative solution, asset ownership can be transferred in a fast, reliable, and cost-effective manner. RoRa Asset Managements tokenization of assets is transforming the future of asset ownership and management.

Tokenization Process

The process of asset tokenization involves several steps, including developing the tokenomics for the chosen asset type, creating smart contracts to issue the tokens, and setting up a dedicated framework for trading and operating the tokenized assets. It also requires a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework surrounding tokenization in the region and ensuring that all regulations are followed. Finally, it is necessary to create an infrastructure to manage the tokenized assets, along with appropriate security measures.

Asset Management

RoRa Asset Management, LLC helps clients manage their assets by tokenizing them and implementing appropriate methods to generate yearly returns. We achieve this by optimizing maintenance and renewal procedures, creating precise long-term funding plans, and ensuring sustained long-term performance of the assets. Our team of experienced asset managers can also provide tailored advice and assistance in navigating the complexities of asset management, allowing our clients to maximize returns while managing their risks.

The Benefits of Tokenization

Tokenizing assets offers numerous benefits, including cost efficiency, streamlined trade financing, increased liquidity, and enhanced transparency and security. It also reduces exposure to counterparty risk, expands access to financial markets, promotes fair pricing, and simplifies traditional asset transfer processes.

Power of Tokenization

Asset tokenization could convert the ownership of a $20,000 painting into 20,000 tokens, with each token representing a fraction of ownership in the painting. To fully own the painting using this method, you would need 20,000 asset tokens. The traditional methods of ownership require you to purchase the entire painting in one transaction. The process of tokenizing assets involves a digital representation of the asset in the form of a token. This token can be used as a form of payment or traded on an exchange.

Fractional Asset Ownership 

DLT/Blockchain technology has various advantages, including fractional ownership and action on assets leading to improved liquidity. The technology makes it possible to track valuable assets more effectively and reduces transaction costs. This, in turn, allows for improved capital efficiency, and faster decisions, and eliminates investment barriers. In traditionally illiquid markets like real estate and fine art, this technology is beneficial as it improves the seller's ability to find interested buyers and complete transactions.

Greater Liquidity

Greater Liquidity Tokenization increases liquidity for asset owners, whether for illiquid assets or intangible digital collectibles. This is particularly helpful for larger traditional assets like real estate, where owners may not want to sell the entire property but wish to access some of its value. By tokenizing the asset, owners can generate additional liquidity at a much lower cost and time frame than through traditional methods. In addition, it permits dividing an asset into smaller parts, which enables more extensive investment diversification.

Tokenization Process

We offer a personalized approach to assist you in selecting the optimal asset for tokenization. Our services include selecting the appropriate token type, ensuring compliance, choosing the suitable blockchain, developing smart contracts, and issuing tokens, along with providing our Prime coin.

Initial Review
Token Creation
Audit & Deployment

The use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in capital markets is a developing field with ongoing changes.  The advancement of technology is leading to the creation of digital assets and increased liquidity. This is expected to bring about benefits such as enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and better security. Despite these advantages, there are still obstacles to overcome. RoRa Asset Management aims to lead the way by developing new tools to tackle these challenges.  Even though we haven't fully launched the platform yet, we have a unique way of managing assets by creating digital tokens that represent assets on or off the blockchain. Submit your asset today to determine if you meet the requirements for our tokenization process.

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Processing Token
Final Audit

The Future is Tokenization

Our program focuses on tokenization as the future of asset management. It aims to provide stability to the volatile market and benefit both the asset holders and coin holders. The RoRa prime coin was created to serve this purpose. Once launched, all the coin and asset holders will be able to access our members-only section. This section will include information such as portfolios, diversifications, smart contracts, contract audits, associated white papers, and any other details that purchasers of the tokens would like to see. RoRa Asset Management's number one goal is to be transparent and demonstrate the qualities of an asset management firm that is built the right way from the ground up.

We only accept One Percent

of all assets that come to us

To maintain a high quality of service and keep our clients' portfolios at the forefront, we only accept a limited number of clients. We focus on ensuring the assets in the portfolios meet our high standards and will decline those that do not meet the criteria.

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When we launch, we will be giving away 10 RTRST distribution tokens to 10 lucky entries. These tokens are normally reserved for asset holders and employees, and only 200 of them will ever be minted. They are unique compared to other tokens on the market because of their distribution system. This is a one-time offer and you can enter to win by providing your email address now. The distribution tokens will be available in the winners' wallets on opening day. To ensure this, we will make an announcement two weeks prior to the program's launch.

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